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 November Memo

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Blue im just wasting time

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PostSubject: November Memo   Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:32 pm

November 3, 2009
To: ASME officers, ASME Chair
From: Brian Green, Team Captain
Subject: Monthly memo
Date: 11/03/09

This memorandum summarizes the progress made during the month of October 2009.

1. Obtained sponsorship from Schlumberger. Currently talking to Aan Surati about company investment.
2. Continued research on propeller design: specifically blade design, ducting options, variable pitch and counter rotating blades.
3. Continued contact with potential sponsors for the 2010 competition.
4. Contact with Travis Hull:

Perspective competition due dates and schedule:

January 1 2010: Final Decision to Proceed with HPS 2010
March 1 2010: $200 Team Deposit and Contestant Entry Form Due
June 1 2010: $300 Team Deposit Balance Due ($500 Total)
June 1 2010: Team Demonstration Video Due
July 14 2010: Participant SCUBA Certification Deadline
July 21 2010: Team Registration, Course Set Up, Design Presentations
July 22 - 25: Racing
July 25: Awards Ceremony

5. Electrical team has recruited two new members to work on the sub after Subrat leaves this fall. They have begun the design process and will start purchasing parts very soon.

Plans for next month
1. Begin design of drive train. Following design produce SolidWorks model of design to begin purchasing materials.
2. Continue research on propulsion techniques
3. Continue researching companies (McMaster-Carr) and possible donations that the team could benefit from.
4. Discuss plans for Winter break availability: (Who will be in town and who will be available to work)
5. D-Train design and materials to be complete and purchased by the start of December.

Project status: on schedule

Please comment...
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That materials guy

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PostSubject: Re: November Memo   Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:33 pm

dude send me a copy of sponsor packet i can host and then i can use it....but that looks like a sweet report
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Blue im just wasting time

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PostSubject: Re: November Memo   Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:28 am

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PostSubject: Re: November Memo   

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November Memo
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